Fall Contest

This month’s contest is a little different!

It’s fall- heading towards winter no matter how much I whine about it- which is the ‘downtime’ for most of us in agility (although I understand Florida and Texas and the rest of the warmer world are really just starting!)

This month’s prize is a course resource book. This book is a must-have for home courses, and a great resources for clubs and trial organizations. If you’re like me, you can sometimes have difficulty coming up with course designs on your own. This book eliminates those tricky situations by helping you set up your OWN tricky situations!

To enter to win this awesome book, reply here on the blog (or on facebook) with a comment telling us about YOUR equipment. What do you have in your home course?

If you don’t have your own home course, tell us about your ‘dream inventory’, what obstacles would you have?

Entries are accepted until the end of the month. The winner will beselected via random number generator. The posts on facebook are added to the posts here.

How to enter this contest:

If you have never done so before, you must first register your email address on this blog, or ‘like’ us on Facebook.  We will then notify you if you are a winner of this contest.  You only need to do this once, and you will be good for all future monthly contests (and get priority notification of when they occur)!

Scroll to the bottom of this page and enter your comment/answer.  Or, if there is no box, click on the “comments” in the upper right corner.

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76 comments on “Fall Contest
  1. C. Sanchez says:

    Luke(Adopted Blue Heeler), needed an outlet. I put him in a beginner Agility class two months ago. He loves it and is so happy. Still working through his “baggage” but
    when he sees his toys (equipment) he becomes focused and tail wags with excitement. His toys so far are 6 weave poles, tunnel, chute, jumps and tire. We take his “toys” to the park so he can play 2-3x weekly until we can get to his class. We would love to get the book to enhance “Luke’s” passion. Agility is such an amazing outlet for any adopted/rescue dog… as it truly brings the best out of them (confidence) and their past becomes a distant memory.

  2. Onlyonedog says:

    Man-made equipment – 1 A-frame, 1 tunnel, 5 jumps, and weave poles. Our daily hour-long walk in the bush gives us lots of opportunity to jump over and crawl through natural obstacles. Watched my girl jump several logs this week while carrying short, heavy sticks and gracefully negotiate a wide set of parallel downed logs (like working a ladder on the ground). I have watched her jump over and duck under jumbled logs while barely slowing down…

  3. OTIE_HANDLER says:

    I adopted this 2 yr old lab in April 2011. I had lost my 12 yr old lab 2 yrs earlier, I always wanted to do agility with her, but never got to it. So with this dog it is different. I have fenced in about a 1/4 acre for him, I made 6 jumps, and 6 hoops,then was given a small dog walk, for his birthday I bought him a tire jump, I am hooked. I bought him an inexpensive tunnel over the summer and when I got a bonus at work I bought him a real nice one. I just sold my car and ordered the versa weaves for him. I will bring them in the house for the winter. I still want a see saw, table, and A frame. I guess I will be busy building things over the winter. we are having so much fun.

  4. Marlene Remington says:

    I have weave poles (12s), chute, tunnel, jumps, and 1/2 of a pause table (the top didn’t last, but the legs are good–I need to get busy and replace it). What I need most is more grass to play in. Because of that I don’t have contacts.

    But no matter–I have noticed that the obstacles I do work on faithfully really add noticeable improvement. That’s the key: practice, practice, practice.

  5. Vicki Williams says:

    Our pup, a six month old border collie mix named Beatrice is fast and a smart cookie! We are just getting started with agility. We have a cool 5 acres just waiting for an agiility course. Where to start????

    • Since she’s just a baby dog, I’d work on getting her used to different surfaces and handling. Learn how fun learning is! and then when her growth plates are all closed, she will be all ready to run headlong into agility.

  6. Courbette says:

    Probably easier to say what I don’t have – a dog walk. Oh, and my husband kindly burnt up the unopened box of weave pole wires which I had ordered from Affordable Agility!

  7. sberkowicz says:

    I have a limited amount of equipment. I have several jumps, a broad jump, and a spread jump. I have a very small tunnel, a pause box, and 12 weave poles. I would really like to have an A frame and a longer tunnel. My dog and I enjoy practicing at an open area that has all of the different equipment. We try to practice every week.

  8. Sharon says:

    I learned that while it’s easy to make agility equipment, sometimes it’ better to buy from a quality manufacterer like Affordable Agility. Equipment that isn’t sturdy is no bargain and compromises my dog’s safety.
    I’ve made jumps, pause table, dog walk, teeter (with adjustable heights for training), tire jump, and weaves. Usually I make the equipment because the traditional size made by manufacterers won’t allow for realistic practice in my small yard. I redesign jumps to be narrower to allow for running practices. I’ve also bought weave poles, tunnels, and jumps.
    What I can’t buy is good weather in which to practice. If it’s wet outside, I don’t want my dog slipping on sloppy ground. I’d love more space, but basically the bad weather is my biggest limiting factor. That’s why I looking to make my biggest equipment addition: An large indoor space to practice agility.

  9. Debby Potter says:

    I looked up wishing well jump. It’s a USDAA specialty jump that combines a tire and spread jump, and is designed to look like a wishing well. “The wishing well is removed from the rule book. [The wishing well has not be used in more than ten years due to design and function issues for different heights of dogs. It originally was a specialty jump in England used when only one jump height existed, but its adaptability to a variety of heights made it impractical. The jump could still be utilized under the regulations of “Other Jumps and Hurdles”, but must clearly conform to these provisions. ]” http://www.usdaa.com

  10. Alecia says:

    We have build much of our equipment ourselves. We have built an A-frame, jumps, table, teeter, tire, gates, hoops, stride regulators (for our puppy and Australian Shepherd) and a chute. In addition, we have purchased several tunnels and 2 sets of 12 weave poles. Our wish list includes a dog walk. All of the above equipment has been put into our backyard. It makes mowing the space quite challenging.

  11. DustyDuckDog says:

    The lady(Beth) and her husband(Merle) who introduced agility to our club many years ago had instruction on how to build your own PVC wing jumps, regular jumps, tire jumps and weaves. They also had construction plans for the dog walk, table and A frame. They would host jump parties where they would purchase all the necessary supplies and help you build whatever you wanted for a small fee. Not only did we get agility equipment at a great price but also had a wonderful time with great friends while we worked together. Beth and Merle moved to the west coast leaving our newly founded agility group better informed and much better equipped than we ever would have been without them. I later bought new weaves and a couple of tunnels but the jumps are still functioning like the day I made them. I will always be greatful to the two wonderful people who help show us the way into the indictive world of agility.

  12. Kim says:

    Since I don’t have a lot of running space, storage space or money, I primarily use gates, hoops and jumps for my dogs agility training. I stick to a lot of foundation and distance work with the little that I have. I handmade a 3/4 size dog walk and have plans for a similar sized A-frame. I also made a wobble board, mini teeter and a set of channel weaves. I’d really like to add a tunnel to the mix though!

  13. Janine says:

    I have nothing and would love just about anything!!!!!

  14. Jocelyn says:

    I have just started in agility and am therefore just starting with my agility equipment. I currently only have two jumps. However I have the start of making my own set of stick in the ground weave poles. I also am planning on making some more jumps, a teeter, and some hoops. My dream is to have the equipment to create both a small NADAC course and a small AKC course. Unfortunately I have to take small steps as agility equipment is expensive!

  15. Sideway says:

    Since i don’t have a training club where i live i have all the equipments that i built myself beside an A frame that i had won in a raffle (so lucky) and of course i did not build the tunnels. The only thing i wish was having a bigger backyard, i cannot set up an entire course in it and it makes it harder to train sometimes but i like to be able to train whenever i want to. I have ran her in the winter in the snow at 2 o’clock in the morning when i can’t sleep.

  16. Allison says:

    I have a very small L-shaped yard, so luckily I have small dogs! (Bichons) Most of my equipment is home-made. I have 5 jumps, a tire jump (desperately in need of repair), a tunnel, a pause table, and a set of 6 weave poles that I have added 6 “push into ground” electric fence post to make 12. They worked! My pup competed on 12 weaves for the first time this weekend and completed them every time. Yea! I also just purchased a teeter frame. If I’d known 5 years ago about agility, I would have purchased a house with a bigger yard!

  17. Jen says:

    My names Jen and I have a large chocolate lab dog named buddy, and we have the entire agility in a bag set from this website and thats about it. We would LOVE to have a dog walk teeter and A frame but we dont have enough space :( but we are moving and we will soon so yay!

  18. Shelley P. says:

    Space is limited in my yard, so I can’t make any full courses. I do often pack up my tunnels, jumps, and weaves and head to a local park to get some practice in.

    At the moment I have 5 single jumps, a triple jump, a tire jump, set of 12 weave poles, a 15′ and 20′ tunnel, a chute, table, and practice teeter and dog walk that are made of 8′ boards.

    On my list of obstacles I wish I had (if money and space weren’t a problem!)
    - full size Teeter, Dog Walk, and A-Frame (Only going to happen when I move out on my own and can afford a property!)
    - New set of weaves with 24″ spacing (mine are 20″ and the standard was changed)
    - Competition jumps, and a real tire jump since all mine are home-made
    - Some tunnel holders to stop them from rolling!

  19. hallie says:

    we have jumps,and a tire jump, a tunnel, a chute and a teeter.Can’t fit much more in the back yard but would like an A frame some day.

  20. hill says:

    hi i have 6 diff. types of jumps plus a tire jump Aframe walk over 2 tunnels but would love a third one of 15 ft. 2 sets of 6 weave poles a teeter an pause table and dogs to enjoy this

  21. Cheryl H. says:

    I have most all the obstacles except an A frame…just no room for that one and my dog walk is mini but they get the idea. I have a small fenced in area outside that is flat for a few obstacles at a time and then I just switch them. Inside I have a 20×40 ft are with a rubber matted floor that I can fit a jump and tunnel and weaves in for practice during the winter. Its not great but it works and you can practice foundation skills that way…..

  22. carlotta says:

    when we found agility fusion we thought we had hit the jackpot!! Up until then we would make obstacles out of anything I could put togeather chairs, buckets and boards, hula hoops!! I have added the basics and now am looking foward to new challenges, the coarse book would be huge as I run out of ideas. We are saving our pennys to purchase more equiptment for spring!!!

  23. kathyc says:

    My name is Kathy and I live in Arizona. I do not have an agility course in my yard however there are three of us who combined our equipment and set up in our friends, Janice Surpus’s yard. We have the following equipment that we rotate:
    A Frame
    Several jumps
    Tire Jump
    obstacle jumps
    3 sets of weave poles
    3 pause boxes

    We just order a window jump and are looking at a crawl tunnel. We are rotating this equipment so that the dogs do not get use to the course and switching sides we work them on.

    We also have a ladder and 6 cavalettes to help them learn how to use their hind legs.

    We use to do a class but the trainer canceled the class so we decided that the dogs needed to continue as they love it so. This is how we started to and it is really fun for all of us.

  24. Alicia Schaefer says:

    I have most obstacles that were easily made at home with pvc- plenty of bar jumps, a tire jump and a set of 12 pole weaves. I also own one tunnel. I have always wished I had a dog walk, see saw & a-frame simply because my dog needs contact work, not work on any obstacles I already own.

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