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tubdogsToday’s contest is all about spoiling your dog.  I know we all have our secrets…some we don’t want to tell anyone about!  But you are safe here.  We are all friends, and we all love our dogs to a fault sometimes!  So share one of YOUR spoiling secrets, and you will have a chance to win a $30 gift certifcate at Affordable Agility!  Just one more way you can spoil your dog silly!

CONTEST RULES:  Your story can be any length.  Winner will be drawn from the list of entries.  Deadline is Monday at 10am.  All stories will be published as they come in.  Click on the “comments” link in the upper right corner to submit your story.  You must have registered on this website, at least once in the past.  That’s it.  Have fun!

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18 comments on “Dog Spoiling Contest
  1. Marcia says:

    I spoil my 4 dogs in various ways. My oldest, 16 year old Musette,a toy poodle mix, sleeps on her half of the bed with me, with her own pillow, and often I sleep with my arm around her. She has a ramp to get on and off the bed and to get to her own bed on the floor. She also has at least 4 pee pads in my office, across the hall, to use as her bathroom. My others get to sit and watch TV with me on the couch in the evenings, and I often cook special things for them, like a egg, garlic powder, cheese omlet to add to their kibble, or turkey and veggie meatloaf. I’m single and without kids, obviously, but wouldn’t have it any other way.

  2. Debi says:

    I never spoil my dogs.I truely am the meam Mom.They must be seat belted in their car seats, they never get people food.I brush their teeth every night ( they hate that ).They get brushed for their coats(shelties) everyday, hard to say what they dislike the most.
    Now they do give me the very best puppy kisses everyday.
    Oh, I lied every morning the bird, cat & dogs get cheerios. Um, um good.Baby carrots are the night treat. Doc said they are good for them.The make my world a much better place. My husband said after the last 3 died no more. WHAT IS HE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Vicki says:

    Oh My! I don’t spoil my dogs at all. I am the mean mum! Unless you consider, wetting down their food and warming it up a bit just to take the chill off, letting them ride in the front seat of the “good truck”, (not the old beater that my hubby bought for me to drive around with the dogs in), take them camping to the lake and for a good swim, let them lie on the bed or the couch (of course when the hubby isn’t home)take them on every walk that I take the kennel dogs on, occasional bits from my plate, or the fact that sometimes mummy gets up to check on them in the middle of the night just to see that they are ok? I don’t think they are spoiled do you?

    Now just to make one thing clear…my husband is a wonderful man. We just sometimes don’t agree with the place that the dogs have in our home. But lets talk about HIS cats shall we? How do you think I was able to get the second dog? <>!! LOL

    But all in all, cats, dogs, kids, and husband. Each one of them have such wonderful meaning in my life.

  4. Dee says:

    My dog is a very fussy eater. I’ve heard that dogs with a high play drive (like mine) are sometimes like that. Occasionally I will put her food out and she won’t eat. It’s not like she’s sick. She will gobble up all sorts of treats, if they are offered to her. I think she’s just being stubborn. So instead of being the boss and just leaving her food out until she eats it, I will lace it with cut up treats or mix in some squeezeable cheese. And if that doesn’t work, I will (gulp!) hand-feed her. OK. Now I’ve confessed my sin to the world!

  5. matildasmom says:

    I take Matilda to work with me. She spends the day at school in my kindergarten class where she is loved, hugged, petted, and spoiled by the students, their parents, staff members, and of course by me.

  6. DustyDuckDog says:

    I have no children so my Weimaraner Ziva, and black lab Skeeter Too have really filled a void in my life. The “girls” are always there to greet me when I come home. Regardless of how my day went, they always bring out the best in me. So I don’t think of what I do for them as spoiling them, but payback for what they do for me. I have 3 acres fenced for them to run in as they please, I have a stock watering tub for them to swim in or just cool off, 4 dog houses to lounge in if they want, plus they have the run of the house and are allowed in their favorite chair. At bedtime they both sleep with me in the winter, summer is too hot for Skeeter to stay on the bed. I have a full size agility ring to work them in. I also take them to the old farm where they follow me as I puttsy along on the 4wheeler. We always have to go to the swimming hole so they can cool off before heading back. My favorite payback is when I stop at the local Ice cream stand. I always get the ice cream in a cup and don’t make “the girls” wait to lick whats left. I get two spoons alternating a bite for me and a bite for “the girls”. They both are very well behaved, obedient, and well mannered which makes it a pleasure to share my life with them.

  7. Donna Work says:

    On Easter, we have an “Easter dog biscuit hunt.” Instead of eggs, I “hide” dog biscuits around the yard, then “release the hounds” to go hunting for the biscuits. Lots of fun to watch them discover the biscuits or treats.

  8. Rosemary Stromberg says:

    My two agility babies have pretty good lives. My Cavalier spent his first five months going to kindergarten with me. He was crated, away from the children during the learning part of our mornings, then he was taken outside for recess with the kids. They ran him rugged!! When we went back inside, he was crated in our classroom and slept like a baby!

    For obedience class nights, my dogs were always treated with home boiled liver. (yuck!!) It stunk up my house but boy, did they ever heal beautifully.

    My Golden has a very extravagant doggie treadmill that she religiously climbs onto every weekday. My Cavalier had a BM on it, while treading, which I took as his way of saying, “I want nothing to do with this thing!”

    My dogs and I walk 5 miles every night, except now that it’s in the upper 90′s at 6:00. To get them around at least 3 times, I have their doggie pool down by the road, alongside their bowl of iced water, filled to the brim. Each time around the neighborhood, they each charge into the pool for a little break. After their walk, it’s Frosty Paws doggie ice cream. They deserve it after their tongue dragging walk!

  9. Marley's mom says:

    Contrary to popular believe I’m not sure Marley is spoiled. Sure she goes to the park daily, has a dog walker and is now going to doggy camp. She also has fun at agility and learning new tricks. She goes everywhere with me (within reason) and has her own blog. That doesn’t make her spoiled. However, yesterday I was reading the ingredients on her healthy food and it read Duck, duck broth. My meal was ramen and contained unpronounceable ingredients. I now have to agree she is spoiled.

  10. Suzette says:

    I refuse to believe that I am spoiling my dogs. Four Aussies that are fed four different foods, have the vet’s number on speed dial, have a 100′x100′ fenced agility field in the back field,get to hike, go to work with mom, have a creek to swim in, get treats for everything from jumping through the mouth of a lion (remember the circus pictures) to just looking up at me. No, this is not to spoil them this is entirely for my benefit. It’s so that when I walk them in town everyone remarks on what good dogs they are and how well groomed they are, it is so they will win the ribbons that cover nearly every inch of the living room wall for me to look at, it is so that when I don’t feel well I know they will sit beside my bed and offer comfort, it is that feeling of pride I get when they are the only dogs in the vet’s waiting room that is not bouncing off the walls, and it is all the Pet Therapy memories they have given me. No, I don’t spoil them;but, they sure spoil me!

  11. Ay Chiwawa says:

    My Chis live very well! They are very well behaved, and I can (and do) take them everywhere, including airplanes, hotels and restaurants. They even have their own luggage for all their toys, clothes and food when we travel.

    They are both in agility, and run like the wind. They love learning new things. They sleep with us most every night, but somehow they end up taking up the whole middle of the bed and my husband and I end up on the edges! Then we crate them for a night or two so we can stretch out. They are just so dear, and never give us any trouble at all and love everybody. It’s easy to dote on dogs like that!

  12. jeannekins says:

    i don’t think i spoil him so much as treat him well because he’s such a good dog, but other people disagree. he gets a little chicken chopped up and mixed in with his dinner every night and he gets to go to petsmart regularly and especially on his birthday. we go for a 3 mile walk almsot every night and take an agility class once a week and compete at local trials. the walks and agility are as much for me as they are for him. and of course, no matter how late i’m running for work, he just has to roll over onto his back and give me the puppy-dog eyes for an extra belly rub before i head out for the day. but that might be more for me…!

  13. Carlotta says:

    Okay! we all know that we spoil our dogs, but they are a part of our families right? And we love them to pieces. We call our dogs our kids. I have to admit… I have a room rug in my house, which nobody is allowed to walk on (you gals know some things are there just for prettys) But when nobody is looking I let the dogs lay on it to take a nap. Mixed signals right but I can’t help myself when they look so peaceful and comfortable. Thats my biggest “spoil your dog sin, other than an occasional scrap from the table. Oh and a new chair which I said I would never let them up on..well I find myself with a lap full of doggies now and love the friendship we share. Got to love them!!

  14. Well my dog Stewie is not only spoiled,but he is high maintenance. He demands a lot of attention,he is a lot like a toddler, you have to get him tired out before he will leave you alone. He knows when it is time to get his “chewie” every night, and if I am late, he goes into the kitchen and looks up at the top of the fridge where they are kept. With just a look he can get what he wants! What a great skill to have. When we stay overnight at a motel for agility trials, he gets to sleep with me. (At home my husband is the boss and the cat sleeps with us.)We share a motel room with a friend and her dogs, and when Stewie wakes up around 5:00 o’clock, I jump up to feed him so my friend isn’t disturbed. My friend thinks this is too funny, that Stewie has me well trained indeed.

  15. I cook dinner for my dogs and make treats for them. They have oodles of toys, and get a lot of exercise romping around playing with each other and me. I clicker train them so they exercise their minds as well as their bodies, and esp in summer, make all sorts of frozen Kong concoctions they get to work on while I’m out making a living. My backyard has turned into a dog’s playground. I’ve built many an agility obstacle and thensome. I don’t think they are spoiled, but are treated as they should be as part of a family, and I wish all people thought the same way. On their birthdays, I give them a cheeseburger cut up into bite-sized pieces and put a candle in the middle. I take pictures, while they make a wish, and keep it for their scrap books. Then they devour their birthday treat. My dogs enrich my life, and I like to do the same for them.

  16. James D. says:

    Our dog sleeps with us at night, and at 65 pounds isn’t exactly small. We also take her swimming at the lake whenever we can as it is her FAVORITE thing to do, even more than agility!

  17. Sideway says:

    I think that I take better care of my dog than me, even my husband will tell you that I spoiled them more than him… I make my own dog food and dog treat, they have a bed with pillow on it. She sleep in the middle of our King size bed sometimes pushing my husband off of the bed… and You’ll see me watching a movie all crunched up on the couch and Sideway all stretched out on it. But don’t we love to spoil them…

  18. Joyce says:

    My dogs, although spoiled, are well behaved they go to work with me every day. They also get chiropractic care because they are agility dogs.

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